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I sometimes bump into students on a last minute rush to prepare for a test, especially math tests. Most of us know this can be a tense moment particularly when the class is incomprehensible and the previous test results reflect these challenges. For high school students Geometry courses have generally fallen in this category while for College students, Statistics rings a bell. This past Spring (2011), I had a Beverly Hills High student perform a near impossible feat: succeeding in Geometry beyond expectation. He had 3-4 weeks left to his finals in Geometry and his previous scores were lower than passing scores, with at least 3 quizzes left and 2 tests before the final. Playing basketball gave him an avenue to channel possible anxieties; in addition to having proper rest the night before tests (no studying late before the test day), he developed a review plan where he studied small pieces of information (including the difficult ones) over short periods (30-45min) spaced out during... read more

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