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This is advice that I always give to my students for the in-person classes that I teach. In order to excel in any subject that one is learning, it is important that you do the following: Go to class every day. Missing classes (whether they are in-person or online) is missing opportunities to learn! Do your homework. Complete the assignments that you are given. Instructors give... read more


"Best" is rather subjective and depends upon the reader.  Which minor character do you identify with the most?  If there is a particular character whose traits you see in yourself and whose actions you can identify with that might be the best one to choose for your monologue...


This is rather open ended question, so I would start by separating the question into two:   Why is teaching a choice?     Why is teaching an adventure?     Start with the first question and begin brainstorming by just thinking of what comes to your...


When I teach my writing classes and students are struggling with finding evidence to support their topic, I normally suggest they start with a broad Google search and begin to narrow the results down from there.   However, one of the better ways of quickly finding relevant information...