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Pixel, Bitmap, Raster. These are common terms used in association with photo based imagery. Unlike vector based art (see my Blog on Adobe Illustrator), Photoshop is a raster (pixel/bitmap) based program that allows us make changes to an original image. Photoshop offers a vast toolset to create some truly incredible imagery. Most Photoshop work is in taking an existing image and altering it to the needs of your project. Changing sky color, moving someone’s arm, removing foreground from background, saving as a different file type, transparency, are a just a few ways this program can change images. Photoshop is a core graphic asset generator that is used everywhere. Chances are every image you see in print, advertising, merchandise, the web, etc. has been polished by Photoshop in some way. Selections may be the most important feature this program has at its disposal. With an array of selection tools to fit your needs Photoshop’s ability to distinguish an object from its surroundings... read more

Vector based graphics are awesome for scaling, editing, and yield crisp renders at any magnification. You may have heard the word vector before. It’s different from pixel based imagery because it’s a calculated mathematical equation the software computes so the graphics remain clean at any scale. There are other vector based programs such as Corel Draw and a slew of third party software available. Illustrator leads the industry in vector based software boasting a comprehensive tool set and user interface. It’s the vector program I was trained in, the one I use daily and the one I teach to others. Graphic logos are commonly created within Illustrator because of its ability to scale up or down in size with no loss in detail. Also the editable nature of vector art is fantastic for edits on the fly or updating a project at any future time. EXPERIMENT: Try zooming in on a photo. You will see the image deteriorate in quality and its pixels become prominent. On the other hand locate... read more

Below are some helpful tips to consider before starting a new document in Adobe Illustrator, InDesign & Photoshop. Customizing a document’s preferences can be done anytime in Illustrator, InDesign, or Photoshop while a document is open. Changes made to preferences while a documents is open will be exclusive to that document. However, if you open the preference window (Edit/Preferences or Ctrl K on Windows) in Illustrator, InDesign, or Photoshop with no open documents in the viewing window, it will change the preference defaults for all future documents. This can be very helpful to eliminate time tweaking all your preferences with each document. EXAMPLE: Adobe Illustrator – With Illustrator on screen and no documents open in your viewing window go to (Edit/Preferences or Ctrl K on Windows). Here you can change your preference settings for all future Illustrator documents. Some things I change are the General/Double Click to Isolate (leave unchecked), Guides &... read more

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