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I base my instruction on seven principles that I hold for learners. Independent: Students are in charge of their own learning Give choices for learning activities Emphasize meta-cognition: students reflect on their learning and process High expectations: helps student gain confidence and belief that they can learn and achieve Gradually release support (always scaffold): guided practice to independent practice Self-motivated: Students want to learn Activities build on prior knowledge and meaningful to students' lives Partners of learning: their individual efforts are essential Model enthusiasm: share interests and passions and relate them to learning Life-long Learners: Learning is a process that never ends Articulate and model process of learning and help students become aware of their own learning Allow students to take on independent study and learn through their own interests Document and reflect: Student's chart progress... read more

I believe each child is a star. Every student has the ability to learn and should be given the support and opportunity they need to succeed and reach their full potential. Each child should be seen as a unique contribution to the class and the student should always come first. As a teacher, I am here to keep high expectations of every student and set standards that align to goals that the student wants to achieve. I believe in each child who steps into my classroom and as their teacher I will help them discover who they are as individuals and guide them on their journey of who they want to become. By letting students showcase their unique talents and interests through alternative assessments and assignments, I can make sure every student is having the opportunity to showcase what they have learned while still being the shining individuals that make up my class. I believe teaching and learning needs to be outside the box. As an educator I need to provide creative... read more

1. Bring on the interests: I incorporate student interests into the activities and lessons I do. For instance, to help students with a writing skill, I have the student write about a favorite character.   2. Get up and move: There is no reason for students to learn by just sitting down at a table. I incorporate kinesthetic and sensory activities that get students moving to fire up their brain and make more learning connections.   3. Add in a favorite subject: If your tutoring a student in reading but they enjoy science then teach them and incorporate the reading skills into the lesson. The student is then learning the skills they need while engaging in a subject they love. Double the learning!   4. Make a project: Take tutoring beyond homework help and have students work on a longer project. The project will allow the student to see their progress as well as have a finished item that shows the skills they have learned. For instance, in my... read more

Winter break is here and that means No School!  I know how excited every student is (teachers too) to take a break from academics and instead spend time with friends and family.  Who doesn't look forward too sleeping in, relaxing, and sipping hot cocoa while watching the snow fall?  I know I do!  I also know though, that its important to keep your brain active over the break so that when schools comes around again your ready to go.  Now keeping your brain active doesn't have to mean just reading, journaling or doing puzzles (all ow which or great) but it can also mean some really fun unexpected activities that will be fun, engaging, and could include quality time together. Cook or Bake something: Everybody loves holiday cookies and yummy meals and you'll love it even more now because it keeps your student's brain sharp.  Cooking and baking requires reading and math.  Students have to read recipes (learn new vocabulary words), do measurements... read more

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