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Anxiety is naturally occurring and an inexhaustible part of being human. It's more or less like the hair on our heads, because just as with anxiety, it too has to be managed. The reason for this is essentially because any form of anxiety or stress produces subtle forms of paralysis. Not physical paralysis per say, but feeling overwhelmed can stop anyone from pursuing a dream right in its tracks. This undermines success and it also undermines one's ability to lead one's own life with confidence. Never was this more apparent in my life than when I started to have what is called the "yips." The "yips" occurs when a baseball player cannot throw the baseball accurately. I developed the "yips" in high school and carried it with me for many years. Although I did improve over time, I knew that my condition was not fully healed, because I was not throwing the baseball with the same confidence I had before the onset of this condition. However, I was able to... read more

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