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The use of "me" (answer)

Hi!  That is a great question.  With the three examples you have given, it is matter of understanding the use of indirect objects and indirect object pronouns.  I hope the explanation below provides some clarification!   With the sentence, "Yo quiero que me traiga...


Okay, people, listen up.    "YOLO" is not just a pop culture fad.  "YOLO" defines how I live on a daily basis.     Of course, this is not by ANY means, meant to serve as a justification of irrational and immoral actions, as some people like to pretend.   "YOLO" or, "You Only Live Once", is rather a driving force... read more


It can be tasking and tedious trying to learn a foreign language.   Students often ask the question, "Why do I need to learn a second language?"  "What purpose does this serve in my life in a primarily English speaking world?"  For those that are motivated to learn a second language, the answer to these questions seem obvious.  For those that are not, this... read more