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Innovations I have created and included in my classroom instruction as examples of my philosophy in action: 1. a year-long vocabulary unit focusing primarily on Greek derivations which developed the students’ awareness of meanings for each root part to enable them to apply that understanding to making hypotheses about the meanings of unfamiliar words (many of which appear on the SAT) based on a working knowledge of each derivation part - prefix, base, and suffix. This list was also geared to include literature which we were studying such as The Odyssey. Not only was knowledge of derivations emphasized but also how to use the dictionary features to piece together each part of the derivation when it was not included with the definition of the word studied. 2. a research unit required of each student to be completed sometime throughout the year whose focus was background about each period of history from which we read literature in 9th grade this included: Ancient Greece (mythology... read more

Philosophy of Education for M.J. T. To me the purpose of education is threefold: (1) provide students with a basis of knowledge, (2) teach students how to reason so that they can continue their education throughout their lives, and (3) instill in them a life-long excitement about and love of learning. Students must acquire a basis of knowledge, a framework on which to sort out and understand how various aspects of information in any subject area fit together to make the whole picture of where we have been and where we are going as a civilization. Science affects philosophy which affects the arts … ad infinitum. Nothing exists in a vacuum-sealed box. All knowledge is recursive and intertwined - reaches out and affects many areas outside the discipline in which it begins. I liken this basis of knowledge to a needlepoint tapestry mesh framework. The threads of different strands of information are worked in at various points. In some way every thread touches every other... read more

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