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1.18 is is clearly the ratio twi integers118 and 100 and thus is rational. Rational numbers can't be irrational. The naturural, whole, and integers numbers can all be used directly for counting. 1.18 not so much. So rational is the only one of the listed sets to which 1.8 belongs.

Given 4+3i (answer)

Starting with the addition or subtraction of 2 terms, like A + B (where A or B  can be complicated expressions including imaginary components), a conjugate is formed by reversing the sign of the second term, A-B.   In your case, it means reversing the sign of the...

math problem (answer)

Since 2 of 3 dimensions are in inches, there are 2  response choices choice with cubic inches versus 1 with cubic centimeters, 2 of three tray dimensions are in inches, and our gallon conversion factor yields cubic inches, it should be easiest if we start by converting the only metric dimension,...