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School's out for the summer, yes! It's time to give you brain and body the much needed rest it deserves, however I suggest caution when choosing how to relax this summer. You have worked hard all year to learn much needed lessons to advance to the next grade level, is 2-3 months of fun worth complete loss of that information gain? I think the answer is no so here are some sure fire ways to help you maintain that knowledge and relax without backsliding. Experts say that by the time children graduate from high school summer learning losses can add up to two years in education. that is based on summers of unfocused activities. So plan ahead and add these tips into daily routines to curve summer brain drain. 1. Read! it is that simple, take 5-10 minutes of your day to read 2 articles online or in a magazine. Go to the library get a book, any subject or subject related and just read it, no note taking or trying to memorize ideas, just enjoy it. 2. Keep Track of Your Days. It's easy... read more

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