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Hello, students; here's another posting to Mr. B.'s English Class blog. I'm your host, Mr. B. If you speak English as your native language, then you have an ability that a very large fraction of people in communities all across the globe are diligently working towards. Ancient political wranglings in Europe combined with the historically global spread and influence of the United Kingdom and the rise of British colonies in more modern times, particularly the United States but to a lesser degree India and Australia, have taken the language of a few hundreds of thousands of people on an obscure island off the northwestern coast of Europe and promoted it to what it among the two most influential languages on the planet today. There are languages with more speakers than English, but no other language is spoken by so many widely separated people in positions of education and influence as is English today. People all over the world recognize English as the global language of opportunity... read more

Hello, students; Mr. B. here with the inaugural Mr. B.'s English Class blog post. This past weekend, my wife and I had a little dinner party at our house. There were two other couples with us--one of the couples had homeschooled their three children, who are now in college and doing very well, and the mother, who had done most of the teaching, knew that I was an English teacher and interested in English literature, among other things. While we were all having our dinner, the woman turned to me and said, "Wayne, I've been meaning to ask you something. Who is John Galt?" That might seem like an odd question, but as a matter of fact, I was very happy to be asked that question--and very happy to know the answer, which I'll give in just a moment. But first, with your indulgence, let tell a little story that illustrates why it is so important that you have a solid awareness of English literature before you go out into the world and try to make your place in it. I... read more

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