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Although summer breaks are getting shorter and shorter, research shows many students experience what is commonly called "The Summer Slump." I see this as I assess students at the beginning of every school year. Many students' benchmark scores drop after summer vacation. This is often because students are not practicing academic skills over the summer. Here are a few recommendations to avoid a decrease in scores over the summer: 1. Read, read, read! Get a library card, if you don't already have one, and take advantage of the many books available at your local public library. Most libraries have incentive programs over the summer so cool prizes can be earned by children and adults as well. 2. Practice math and other subject areas as well. There are a number of websites which have interactive games to keep young children as well as teens engaged. There are also sites which offer assistance in math. One of my favorites is 3. Use road trips and vacations... read more

I am excited to begin tutoring students. I have submitted 3 applications and have heard back from one potential client. I love learning myself as well as teaching. I've worked with small groups of learners in recent years and now look forward to working one on one with students in a tutoring situation. The power behind one on one tutoring is great because I can address the individual needs of the learner, help them achieve their learning goals, and then move them on with greater confidence and skill. Let the tutoring begin!

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