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For those of you who are new to WyzAnt and/or tutoring in general, I strongly suggest that you be prepared to exercise careful awareness of any intentional or unintentional opportunism by a student(s). Specifically, I am referring to attempts by any student(s) to "barter down" your rates or number of submitted lesson hours because of alleged personal financial issues and limitations, etc. Some individuals--deliberately or not--will read only your credentials, and ignore your rates. The result can be that, for example, you complete your first lesson session with a student, and he/she subsequently asks you what you charge. (A highly unexpected question based on your natural assumption that the student has taken the time to read all pertinent information in your profile.) They may be unfamiliar with standard hourly tutoring rates and be shocked by what they think are excessive fees. He or she then may try to "barter" with you, once again, either to: 1)... read more

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