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As an individual diagnosed later in life with ADHD (age 20) as well as a college student, I've had to readjust how I look at school as well as my my goals for the future. My ADD wasn't diagnosed until I reached college because I never had to pay attention in high school to get good grades despite being in advanced classes. It was only in college that school became a challenge. For the first time, I had to start paying attention in class and doing hours of home work each night. This became quite challenging and I noticed a difference in my behavior. I made a change in my field of study from history to Human Services. A degree in history would have required me to attain a graduate degree if I really wanted a chance at a decent job in the history field. That meant many more years of schooling and a job that might require me to sit behind a desk. As much as I loved history, I did not want to continue to struggle like I was, nor sit behind a desk after graduating. So, I stepped... read more

So as a college student, I write a lot of papers (and I mean a lot!)  I've technically been writing college papers for five years now so I've learned a few tricks and tools when I work with vocabulary that I'd like to pass along.  I've had professors give me handouts on their" do's and don'ts".  I've included the best of them.  Some of these may work for you, some of these may not.  Take or leave what you want. When I am writing a paper I always have open on my web browser Why?  Because sometimes I want to check that I am using a word correctly.  The slightest misspelling can change the meaning of a word to something totally different and you don't want to have point deducted from a paper for something that is easily corrected.  If you are even slightly unsure, check it!  You can even check on the speaker button so it says the word out loud and you can compare it to the word you are trying... read more

Studying History in College       Ever since I can remember, I have loved history.  As a small child, my parents would have to drag my out museums to my disapproval.  Every year when the time to decide to pick where the family would travel to for family vacation, my answer would always be along the lines of "Jamestown!, Williamsburg!, or Yorktown!"  The beach or amusement parks where of no interest to me.  So, when the time came to select a college to attend and field of study that wasn't as hard me as it was for some of my classmates.  History as my major was the obvious choice.  But where to study?  I had great grades, but the competition to get into colleges today is extremely, extremely competitive.  I didn't bother to apply to William and Mary which is where I really wanted to attend.  Instead, I settled my sights on either University of Richmond or Roanoke College.  After touring Roanoke College, I... read more

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