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Tutoring lessons need to fit a student's specific needs and learning objectives. Writing lessons must have measurable outcomes and realistic goals. Students best improve their writing when they perform regular skill exercises, obtain feedback from more experienced writers and "discover" their own style and writer's voice once they realize they have something important to say   Some... read more


Here is an overview of my 5 BEST TIPS for realizing your highest potential on the SAT:   Read and Write Daily- Do not read just fluffy stuff from internet sites or think that your emails constitute all the daily writing you need (join a writer's group and keep a journal).  Most importantly, read thoughtful, intelligent articles from reputable sources (like the Wall Street... read more

What is hello? (answer)

Its current popularization as "HELLO" meaning "greetings" especially used to start phone converations coincided with the rising use of the telephone in the late 1800's. Alexander Graham Bell had actually favored "Ahoy" instead of "hello." Ahoy normally has...