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I can't wait! Not words usually heard by anyone but Kindergarteners on the first day of school. But how can you help your child look forward to what has become for him or her drudgery, a place of unmet expectations- on everyone's part? 1. Emphasize the positive- what if lunch is the best time of the day for your child? He may be more social than the average child, and that social time is important. Find out which friends he is closest to and organize an after-school study club once a week, with milk and cookies of course. 2. Meet the teacher- make him or her your ally. Let your first interactions be positive ones, but be honest with the teacher about problems your child may have encountered in the past. You can for the most part assume that your child's teacher wants him or her to succeed as well.  Your involvement as a team can often accomplish more that you or she alone can do. 3. Remember this is childhood- your child is your child.  He or she will grow up... read more

Students, don't let summer steal your great learning! Instead let summer be a time of exploration using those very skills you picked up during the year. Need some tips on how to use those skills? Here's 5: 1. Read about it. Where are you going on vacation? Where is your friend going on vacation? Look up those hot vacation spots online or in a travel book. You will have a chance to practice your geography as well as challenge your math. Make up travel math problems to challenge your math skills. Find some answers on websites like "Travel math" and other maps and directions sites. While you are there, print out your own map and follow along. Then you will know if you are there yet. 2. Write about it. What topic or class most interested you last year? Do more research, take notes on the topic and write your own research paper. While this may earn you more geek points than you want, it will also help put into practice those research skills and hone your writing and grammar... read more

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