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21 Tips and Tricks to Improve Study Performance Don’t skip classes or be late 1 Do all homework, always on time 1 It reinforces Do it to the point of full comprehension Review lecture immediately after class, even if just for 5 minutes 1 This helps encode information into long-term memory Review past materials throughout the term 2 Work out examples in your own words Rewrite key definitions and ideas Make connections between concepts Do practice problems - if none were assigned, find some! Opposite of cramming 1 Prepare for Class 1 Read ahead a little, to familiarize yourself Sit in the ‘T’ of class (the middle column and front row of desks) 1 Fewer distractions up front Helps build an important connection with your professor/teacher Start Homework THE DAY it is assigned 1 Helps encode information into long-term memory Allows you come prepared to the next class meeting with questions Learn... read more

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