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I have an exceptionally talented Polish student, whom, regrettably, I will teach for about a month only. However, it's such a breath of fresh air to teach him because he's very focused and motivated. I wish every tutor were blessed with students like that! It makes our job so much more rewarding.


Gerunds and present participles look identical,  and that's the reason they may be confused.  I enjoy walking. ( The gerund "walking" follows another verb ) or: Walking is good exercise. ( The gerund "walking" is used as a subject, and thus fulfills the...


To keep it simple, contrast the two statements below. They mean the same thing. The experience affected me in a profound way. BUT The experience had a profound effect on me. Notice that "affect" is a verb (which expresses action), which may change its form according it...


The meaning of "would rather" (keep the two together) is the same as "would prefer". The way you use them is different. I'd rather stay. but I'd prefer. I'd = I would However, if "would rather" is contrasted with "prefer"( alone, with no "would"...