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I have been tutoring for about a little over a month now and I have come across students asking me how science is important in their world? At first I was not sure how to answer the question, and then I started looking around me and found the answer.    Science is in everything. The electricity I am using right now to type on this computer, see with my light bulbs, and be cool... read more

2 1/2 plus 4 2/3 (answer)

In order to add the two you must convert both to a common denominator in this case 6 (2*3=6) To convert 2 and 1/2: 2= 12/6 and 1/2= 3/6 so 2 1/2= 12/6+3/6= 15/6 To convert 4 2/3: 4= 24/6 and 2/3= 4/6 so 4 2/3= 28/6 Once converted all you have to do is add then up! 15/6...