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I have noticed that most parents who post a tutoring opportunity on WyzAnt give information that is bare bones--nearly Name-Rank-&-serial-number like in the WWII movies. In the smallish city where I live and tutor that might not matter much, since they will rarely find more than half a dozen tutors qualified in a subject. But I wonder what it's like in a major metropolitan area to hear from... read more


The most frustrating thing about meeting with a student who is struggling in class is when he or she can't tell me what their assignment is. I'm pretty good at explaining what the teacher probably wants, but I don't read minds! Give me a break and show up with the assignment sheet--ideally, at least two days before your first deadline.   What I have always loved about working one-on-one... read more


I have the feeling that you want me to do your summer school homework for you.   But, I AM willing to break down the question for you--do you know what the work "naive" means? Once you've looked that up, think about the last time you saw two little kids (kindergarten or younger)...