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I've always hated taking tests. The time limits, the tricky questions, the true or false sections, etc... every aspect of test-taking has made me want to quit. Over the years I developed a few tricks of my own to help me get through tests. Make the questions personal. Questions are often written with from a third person point of view. Think of the question differently. For example, "Jack bought 6 pencils for a quarter each. How much did Jack spend?" Well,  I don't care about Jack and his shopping experience so I make the question meaningful for myself. I think to myself, " I bought 6 purple pencils for a quarter each at the book fair. How much did I spend?" This way of thinking about questions helped me through a lot of boring math tests! Read through the multiple choice answers. First read the instructions and the question. Then read the multiple choice answers. It will help you understand the question... read more

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