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A: Yes!  In fact I highly recommend this!  In most cases the parent will have to sign an information release in order to discuss student information with someone other than a parent or guardian.   The best chances for student success happen when the student, parent, teacher, and tutor, work in concert to help the student meet academic goals.  All play an important part in this process, not just the student and tutor.  When Tutors and teachers work together, study is streamlined, not going off in different directions.   As with any worthwhile goal in life, working smarter, not harder, using the correct tools will achieve the results we want for ourselves and our children!


FAQ: How do I know that a tutor is able to advise in a listed subject? Answer: Every tutor on this site must pass a proficiency exam before listing a subject! Q: I noticed your rates are lower than many of your fellow tutors, why is this? Answer: My primary focus for tutoring is special needs students. I often have to consult with parents, and working with these kids can go very slowly, therefore my rates make teaching special needs kids more affordable for families, who usually have already spent a great deal of money trying to help their children in a difficult situation. That being said, I am still completely open to the possibility of working with general education students. Please do not be afraid to ask for any sort of assistance!

Greetings!! What are learning styles and why does that matter? Most of us have skills and talents that are unique to each of us. It might surprise you to hear it, but there are also different learning types for people as well. There are three basic types of learning styles. The three most common are visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. To learn, we depend on our senses to process the information around us. Most people tend to use one of their senses more than the others. This website: ..offers a short and simple test to determine what type of learning style you or your child might have. Using this information will help you understand how your child learns!

Q: Why is my autistic child angry or subject to out bursts? A: There are several possibilities. Non-verbal autistic kids have few ways to communicate. This is very frustrating for them. An excellent way to communicate with your child is with pictures. Bathroom, food, walk, bed, and ball, or other favorite activities are a good start when making a "choice board" or communication device for your child. Another culprit can be what many call "sensory overload." The very first time I met an autistic child was in a bookstore with my father. I was in the children's book department, and it was quite crowded. A child suddenly through a stack of books into the air and started to flail his arms. His mother apologized to everyone, explaining her son was having a bad day. The child was overwhelmed by all the activity going on around him. Parents need to keep over stimulating situations in mind when going into the public. The communication cards should be kept around...

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