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While working as a tennis coach at a prestigious tennis academy in south Florida I was impressed at one of our young players listening to her iPod and taking notes. I asked her what she was listening to and she responded, "I am learning Russian." I was surprised that a 14 year old was studying rather than doing what most teenagers seem to occupy their leisure time with - usually some sort of social media that is the flavor of the month. Asking her why she was studying Russian she explained that she wanted to know what the coaches of some of her Russian opponents were discussing in their native language. Pretty clever, I thought. What I took away from that encounter was that you can achieve anything you wish as long as you dedicate yourself enough. It takes a bit of intestinal fortitude and backbone to hunker down and do some work. However, the rewards can be "big." For instance, I am learning Spanish by using an app on my iPad and iPhone. Spending an hour a... read more

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