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This entry will focus on some interesting vocabulary in the A section of the dictionary. I choose words for many reasons: they have interesting meanings; they have amusing pronunciations; they just generally tickle my funny bone. These are words most people won’t use in daily life, but which are fascinating anyway. Enjoy this first entry as I work my way through the alphabet! Abstriction: [ab-strik-shuhn] noun- a method of spore formation in fungi in which successive portions of the sporophore are cut off through the growth of septa; abjunction. Found in the field of mycology. Acto: [ak-toh; Spanish ahk-taw] noun- a short, realistic play, usually in Spanish, that dramatizes the social and economic problems of Chicanos. Plural actos [ak-tohz; Spanish ahk-taws]. Specific to the southwestern U.S. Aggrade: [uh-greyd] verb (used with object)- to raise the grade or level of (a river valley, a stream bed, etc.) by depositing detritus, sediment, or the like. Forms:... read more

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