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We learn through our senses, some are more visual, some learn more by listening. In school we are bombarded daily with endless seminars, videos, list of things that we have to memorize, that we tend to forget the much overlooked tactile senses. Tactile learning (The art of writing) down the things that we need to memorize is a great tool that has largely been forgotten in today's busy learning environments. Because my experience has been with Adult Literacy students, often times when I meet with them, they are already tired from a heavy day at work or whatever, they are often times too mentally tired or burnt out for straight memorization skills, which makes it difficult for them to work with straight vocabulary lists. So, in order to get around this I decided to use my time with the student by having him write the words on a dry erase board, my student has a dry erase board, and I have one, so I turn it into a game, I say the word that I want my student to spell, I write the correct... read more

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