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Recently, a student of mine approached me with a problem. She was taking an online class, but the assignments were confusing and complicated. Listen to this: Write an APA formatted paper (she had never used APA format, only MLA format!) about your Intelligences based on Howard Gardner's theory of Multiple Intelligences giving examples (direct quotes, which need to be cited) of how you will adapt to online classes based on this information. The problems were, the text she was assigned did not give much information about Gardner or Multiple Intelligence Theory. It also did not give her a "personality test" on which to base her paper. On top of that, there was NO information about how to write in APA format. Here are the steps we took: 1. Online research: What is Multiple Intelligence Theory 2. Take online "multiple intelligence" assessment: what am I? 3. Take notes about her intelligence types - what are the strengths and weaknesses 4. Use... read more

The last student I tutored was presented with what seemed like an impossible task. She was to write a speech based on Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "I have a dream" speech. But her speech was to include repetition of a concept, a theme, metaphors, and allusions. Tough order! So, we broke down the tasks. First we watched some videos on allusion (not to be confused with illusion!): or I would recommend that you start with videos for any concept that you don't fully understand. Once she watched the videos, we broke down the assignment. What else has themes, repetition, and metaphor/illusion? Songs! We decided to write a song with a chorus. The first step was to choose a topic: Dropping out of school. Bam! We have our "theme" and "concept". We chose to make it a conversation between my student and a fictional partner who was going to say things like "I'm dropping out... read more

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