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I just completed my first tutoring session that I found through WyzAnt. I met with a high school student. His mother was concerned with his performance in chemistry and physics. WyzAnt provides an interesting interface for connecting tutors to students. The website collects it's fee along the way (which is rather large for new tutors), but the data management is adequate enough for me to not complain. What I liked this time is a requirement for the tutor (me) to write about the session. I don't think my comments are anything that my student would care to read, but I'm sure they're valuable for his mother. WyzAnt's system allows me to discern where the student struggles and to express that to his parents in a straightforward way. I would like to see WyzAnt develop the ability to track progress in a meaningful way and to represent it graphically. Something similar to the back-end data management of Khan Academy would be great. Currently, the strength of WyzAnt is networking,... read more

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