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What are the benefits of a great online learning program with a qualified educator? • Collaboration: As an instructor, I can now display documents in real time • Global: Conduct a meeting anywhere, at any time • Total Interaction: Interact with all participants in a well-constructed online meeting room • Control: Control can be passed to any participant that would like to conduct their own workshop or seminar, allowing the presenter to guide the navigation • Chat: Send chat messages to all participants or another instructor • Share Software Info Our program allows the instructor to demonstrate and share control of any software application with others in an interactive meeting • Document Access Instructors provide access to documents, PDF files, slides and other resources • Support Friendly and knowledgeable support from a qualified educator. • Password Protection Offers password protection and encryption to protect sensitive data

The Importance of Learning Critical Languages   Make yourself unique in whatever subject matter you pursue. Today, we will talk about languages that will land you a job much faster than you think.   The Problem: Americans need to clearly recognize that there is a deficiency of critical spoken languages in the U.S. The United States government has acknowledged that it seeks efforts to expand the number of Americans studying and mastering critical need foreign languages. Solution: In order to considerably diminish this debilitating problem, Americans need a strong network of critical language communicators that can quickly and efficiently bring defined segments of the nation up to speed in speaking critical languages. Approach: Americans should take the initiative to study, learn and master such languages using educational institutions, live human-interactive and intensive critical language instruction via the internet... read more

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