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Did you know that the average student loses one to three months worth of learning over summer break? Most of us realize that not a lot of extra learning takes place during summer vacation, but many are unaware that kids actually lose some of what they have learned throughout the past school year. This loss can be seen in all subjects, but is most detrimental in math, according to Dr. Harris Cooper, a professor of Psychology. (Source: However, this loss is not inevitable and can be counteracted through educational trips, extra reading, and regular tutoring. Having a summer tutor for a few hours a week can help prevent loss of knowledge, as well as help get a head start on the next school year. What a boost of self-confidence your student will receive when he or she walks into the first day of the new school year and already knows how to do everything being taught by the teacher! A good tutor will know how to... read more

When asked the polling question "What is the most important question a parent should ask a potential tutor?" I immediately thought of "What experience do you have working with children?". This may seem like a silly question, one that would only be asked of a potential babysitter or full-time caregiver, but I think it's of extreme importance when choosing a tutor. Someone may have graduated from Harvard with an advanced degree in biology, but if they haven't ever worked with children in a one-on-one or group setting, then they probably lack the skills necessary to help a student learn. Besides being qualified in a specific academic subject, a tutor must have a variety of qualities including, but not limited to, the following: >Patience >Passion for Learning/Teaching >Commitment to be Encouraging >Energetic--Be able to make learning fun >Understanding of the way each individual student learns best In my own experience, these... read more

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