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A Summary of my tutoring methods - I am not the class teacher or the instructor. Tutoring is not the same as teaching a class. This is the main reasons why good tutoring must be done one-on-one. That is, the full attention of the Tutor is on this one student (Tutee) and vice versa. - I am patient with the student and make sure that he/she knows and understand that I am here to help and to provide opportunities to him/her to use the available resources at his/her disposal. Example: how to use the internet efficiently. It is a powerful tool if you know how to use it. (I point to resources other than myself). - I let the student defines and explains clearly what is it that he/she does not understand. This encourages the student to organize his/her thinking process and help me (the tutor) identify problem areas. -I try to keep explanations simple, logical, clear and to the point. The student may have a problem with a particular mathematical concept. Whenever possible,... read more

Why negative of a negative is a positive ( " – ( – Number ) = + Number" ), and why the use of parenthesis matters in mathematical expressions? A None-Mathematical approach for those of you who are still confused. There are more than few explanations and theories for the mathematical operation “negative –-> negative is positive” or: " – ( – Number ) = + Number". However, I believe that a none-mathematical explanation is less confusing. Some light hearted lines related to “negative –-> negative is positive”: "Minus times minus results in a plus, The reason for this, we needn't discuss." - Ogden Nash (An American Poet). The famous British detective Sherlock Holmes observed: "When you have excluded the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth." Note the following: The actual real life use and applications of the negative –-> negative principle should not give you... read more

Comments Regarding the Importance of Learning and Understanding History - The road to WWII. I love History and I know it well. In K-12 we studied history from Ancient times up to the modern history of the 1960’s. In College, I chose American, European and World History as part of my elective non-engineering subjects. My years in Electronic Engineering helped me to sharpen my analytical skills and I am able to analyze and comprehend any subject in History. I watch the History channels on TV frequently and I enjoy it very much. History is an extremely important subject since it enables us to learn what happened in the past, and if we understand it correctly we can avoid repeating past mistakes. For example modern European History (American and World history as well) should have taught us that policy of appeasement and projected weakness can only embolden the enemies of democracy, peace and freedom. WWII could have been avoided altogether if the axis of evil (Germany, Japan, and... read more

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