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Math can be found anywhere. A few years ago, I had my three kids with me at the local high school, and in a large room, the floor was covered with many square tiles. Around an area of small squares were another few rows of larger tiles. I asked the kids to count how many squares there were, and they balked! “There’s too many!” First I showed them how there were not only a lot of small squares, but that if we put four of those together, we got a larger square. And nine made yet a larger square, followed by sixteen and then twenty-five. If my kids had been older I probably would have told them that these are all “square numbers” demonstrated by the fact that they form a square. Then I counted one row of small tiles and squared that number to show Naomi how we could “count” how many tiles there were without numbering them one by one. She was fascinated! There happened to be over one thousand! She was so taken with this method of counting large numbers quickly that when we went... read more

I've been tutoring middle- and high-school math students for over 5 years and absolutely love my work! As a professional educator, it is so rewarding to work one-on-one with struggling students and give them the attention and help they need. When I taught public school 6th grade math, I had 150 students and was unable to understand the needs of each one. I knew I was letting kids "slip through the cracks." In a private tutoring situation, that can't happen. I clearly see what my students can and can't understand, and then I have the opportunity to explain it in multiple ways, taking our time until it clicks. I also tutor because I'm passionate about kids! I value children and don't want them to unnecessarily feel like failures. Math is not everyone's cup of tea, but it should be accessible to all students. And finally, I'm crazy about math. The world around us is full of order, beauty, and rhythm that many people never notice, and certainly never relate directly... read more

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