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Today's math and statistics courses have an amazing pool of learning resources available to students. The textbook can be a published hardcopy or paperback book. Or it can be in pdf format for printing out chapters at a time in hard copy. Or it can be an e-book with links to videos and simulations. Problem sets can be electronic and linked to the exact place in the text where the student can read the concepts. Problem sets can also have "Show Me How" features that walk a student through how to do the calculations. Also there can be PowerPoints that explain the main concepts and show how to do the calculations. There are online math calculators and smart phone calculator apps and flash card apps. with all these resources, however, I still find that students get stuck with math and statistics. Why is that? I think there are different reasons for different students. In most cases learning math is a matter of getting organized mentally and then practicing, very similar... read more

An emerging innovation wave in education is MOOC, massively open online courses. These are courses offered by startup companies who provide a platform for professors or other knowledgeable people to package their expertise in an online course. They are also offered by traditional colleges and universities as a way to offer continuing education to graduates and to the public and as a way to have prospective future students engage with the school. I wonder if a MOOC movement will develop where students pool together and take a sequence of courses and then take a professional certification exam. It seems to me that this would be a great way for the working public to gain new job related skills and get a foothold in anew career or advance in their current careers. If this materializes there will be a need for tutors and coaches to help these self directed students along. Thoughts?

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