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One reason why mathematics seems to be a monster to be feared by many people seems to be the perception that there is only one way to solve a given problem developed by a nameless, faceless genius mathematician and in order to get the correct answer, you must memorize and use the appropriate magical equation.  I blame the teachers and professors of the early-on math courses.   The... read more


Find the critical points by taking the derivative of this equation, y'=2x+8.  Set this equal to 0, since the minimum is the point where the slope at that point is 0.  (Remember that the physical meaning of the derivative at a point is the slope of the equation at that point.) ...


When someone is interested in a topic, there is a heavy intuitive knowledge associated with that interest. A good musician intuitively knows what would be enjoyable to their target audience; a good fashion designer intuitively knows what would be fashionable for the next season; a good personal trainer knows intuitively how to work a particular person with a particular body and a particular mentality... read more