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In my experience working with learners from various education levels and backgrounds, I understand the feelings of frustrations and concerns that many have when struggling with a subject or studying for a test but not receiving the results you would like or expect. It creates a feeling of helplessness or the sense that you can't overcome or you'll never get it. That's not true. With the right... read more


It is also a matter of tone.  Passive is usually good when you don't want to seem confrontational or too aggressive especially in an interpersonal or relational context during conflict or problem solving.  The active voice reflects or suggests more assertiveness or can be too accusatory...


Much of this is based on common, everyday usage or general expressions.  I prefer is not used very often because we tend to say "I like" instead.  They have quite similar meanings but we find other ways of saying how we feel which are more simple and direct.  We...


Gerund - turns verb into noun by adding -ing.  Example - to park.  I find parking is much easier at the plaza than the mall.  "Parking" is a noun in this sentence.  Participle - turns verb into adjective - Example: to park - It's tough to find good "parking"...