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As a sports coach and a father, I have found over the years that many students struggle because of one simple fault - they don't believe in themselves or their abilities. This is true on the athletic field and it is true in the classroom. So here are a couple of short steps you can use to help your student be better. 1. Don't Over Think a Problem In other words, don't make a problem harder than it actually is. A student who does not trust their own smarts will tend to second guess themselves over and over again until they turn a 5 minute problem into a 25 minute problem. Not long ago, as I was finishing my college education, I had an instructor who put the process into a very simple order. When you look at a problem (math, science, or otherwise), see what do they want, what do they give you, and what is the formula. Apply these three steps and it takes a lot of the guesswork out of the situation. 2. Don't Give Up Too Easy Many students who do not feel confident in their... read more

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