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Hello Cassandra from Alexandria, IN, and others that enjoy life and humor: Your question, "When I answer my Question, How would I know what the answer is?" is quite profound as it applies to math and more. The best answer is it depends on the type of question you ask in mathematics or another...


If you have want to play volleyball but were afraid to ask how, let me tell you! I took two volley ball course back-to-back with a tennis course during my senior year at California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo. What this did for me was to perfect the form of setting the ball against the wall to hit a spot consistently. The next step was to set the ball up in the air with no... read more


Gady, you teacher asks a good question! Imagine, if you decide to give something that you can separate easily. Got that? Now let's say that it can be separated easily, where each person can get one portion. This makes sense when you are dealing with whole persons right. But it does...