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Learning German can be a daunting task, but sometimes it's a good idea to just dive in and experience the language outside of the traditional academic settings. So I'd like to list here a few websites where the German isn't so intimidating. is a great website where one can even sign up and post their own blogs in German about life, love, science, education, music and movies. The sky's the limit! Here you'll find posts from Germans ranging from teenagers to businessmen sharing their thoughts and ideas from their own life experiences. Give it a look! The language is natural and you'll often find new words and colloquial phrases used in all sorts of contexts. The content is uncensored, so don't be surprised to stumble upon posts which might offend. The most important thing is to experience the language in a natural setting and communicate with a nation-wide audience. Germans love those who seek to learn their language and they'll often be sneaky and try their best to speak... read more

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