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1. Meet the child and parents first in an informal setting. A coffee shop works well. Get to know the parents and the child and ensure that everyone is a good fit. It is so important that both the child and parent feel secure and comfortable with you as their tutor. - Find out and record from the parent about their desires from the tutoring. - Address any special medical (just in case) or educational needs the child may have. - Not essential and not always available, but I like to get contact details to the child’s class teacher. It is a good source of knowledge / back ground information. 2. First 15 minutes of the first tutoring date. Get to know your child. Find out their likes / dislikes / interest. They can draw a picture and label. This is beneficial in many ways. You will:- - See and monitor their coloring / motor skills. - Get to know their confidence levels. Do they ask for assistance to draw or seem lacking in confidence to have a go? - Become aware... read more

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