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Does your child have learning or social challenges at school and at home? Have you ever had your child tested for language based learning challenges or attention problems? Have you always thought your child was just a bit different from his/her peers? Do yourself and your child a favor and believe in your gut feelings. Go to your pediatrician and get some names of school certified psychologist that can do testing to see if your child is having any difficulty and if you find that you are correct, write a letter to the principal and the Special Education Department of your school district requesting a Comprehensive Evaluation. After receiving your certified letter the District will then set up a time to evaluate your child. The district is supposed to have the evaluation done in a timely manner, which I think at this point is 60 school days after your request was received. Call the school and the district 3 days after to make sure they got your letter and ask them when they will... read more

Many student begin to find they have trouble when entering college though some might start finding things difficult in high school when it comes to organizing, prioritizing and studying what is important. Most of the time the problems begins appearing when they are asked to write papers for their classes. The trouble begins because our students are not being taught, beginning in grade school, how to use their critical thinking skills. Parents and teachers are prompting the student by telling them what they need to do each step of the way. To help your student begin using the executive functions of their brain, start asking them questions to help them think through a problem and have them talk about it aloud. This is the first step in critical thinking or to think about what they are thinking and why. Suggest different strategies and ask questions to help them think. Have them evaluate their thought process. Once they become comfortable talking aloud and discussing problems, instead... read more

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