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There is thought to be a great deal of mystery at times about how ‘art’ as it is displayed comes to be, at least the professional stuff. Like say the cover of your favorite book, or the concept art of your favorite game, the starting point of comics. High school art classes, or even general ones might not touch on what the very basic foundation stone is. Well, as this is the first ‘peek’ into the artist’s studio what better to start with then thumbnails. Yes, thumbnails. Its the brainstorming, or the step between brainstorming and actual progress. Its the rough, messy, annoying, sometimes frustrating part. I took art for three years in high school, did a summer art program at a major university in high school as well. And it wasn’t until three semesters into ‘art school’ university that thumbnails were introduced to me. What a concept! I remember marveling at it, so eager and then loathing it. Because after all the point is thumbnails are not pretty. They aren’t suppose to... read more

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