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Duolingo is a free website and mobile app for language learning. Lessons include translating sentences, identifying objects, repeating words and much more. It is a useful tool that I have been having a lot of fun with lately. I recommend to check it out if you are studying English as a second language, foreign languages, or you enjoy learning in your free time. 

It is important to maintain contact and develop relationships with students. Many students who seek tutoring services are dissatisfied with their teachers because their personal learning needs and requirements are not being met in the classroom. As tutors, it is our responsibility to seek what our students are missing and fill those gaps. We want students to love learning and succeed, that is why we are here. Use social networking and email to maintain contact. I use Twitter, Facebook, and Goggle+ to post various updates and coupons that WyzAnt provides. It is also a way to expand your network and reach prospective students. Explore new options and keep an open mind!

Through my search of finding ways to develop lesson plans to help tutor students, I have found that I have a passion for the eLearning industry. I have spent many sleepless nights reading about eLearning, developing my own lesson plans, creating tools for students to engage in the learning process, and downloading new products to aid my development in this process. It has been a lot of fun and I cannot wait to put it into use. It is also very exhausting to do it on your own, especially for multiple subjects. However, I would first recommend to start building tools that you, as the tutor will need. I highly recommend this website to start with This website has many useful links to websites with free resources and downloads that will aid your development. It is also important to get your name out there. Start networking and take advantage of social networking websites! Twitter, Blogger, LinkedIn, etc. Next, find ways that you can maintain interaction... read more

During my studies at Arizona State University, I was in a class that was led by a graduate student from China who did not speak English very fluently and the communication barrier created a very large problem for the majority of students. I could see that this was becoming a major issue for both the instructor and the students. She was getting frustrated and attendance was declining at a rapid rate. The class was a core class for my major and any student within our major needed to take it in order to graduate. I approached her and asked if there was anything I could offer to help. She gladly accepted my help. I always sat at the front of class and I noticed her visual cues if she was struggling explaining a concept to the class and I would get up and offer to explain the theory. I explained statistical theories, developing surveys, gathering data, writing essays, researching, and many other theories in front of the class. After class, many of the students would approach me to exchange... read more

First off, you can call me KC. I am an Arizona State University graduate. While I attended school at ASU, I majored in Justice Studies and minored in Political Science. I was recently accepted to the graduate program at Southern New Hampshire University for Justice Studies and Public Policy. In my free time, I enjoy video games, watching Netflix, karaoke, and spending time with my five-year old son. I enjoy studying law and plan to attend law school. In the future, I plan to become a Professor of Justice Studies, but that is still sometime away.

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