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Good day scholars! You know, spelling correctly is not always the easiest thing to do because the English language uses an inconsistent spelling system and many of its words derived from other languages. It is extremely important to use correct spelling when composing because incorrect spelling ruins the appearance of your writing and may perplex the readers of your works. So, I have decided to compose a list of frequently misspelled words that I hope will be a help to you. They are: *commitment *obstinate *tropical *conscious *necessary *misfortune *controversial *shield *responsibility *connected *foreign *particular *contemporary *opportunity *prejudice *achievement *patience *judgement *attachment *their *proceed *guarantee *height *succeed Keep in mind, there are many more words that are commonly misspelled. It is always wise to consult a dictionary, use Spell check on your word processor, and/or sound your words out before submitting... read more

What method of inquiry do we tend to rely on to communicate with others? We often rely on questions to do so. While this can provide answers to us that suffice, we tend to only ask simple clarifying questions rather than open- ended inquiries. For example, if you were to ask your son or daughter if they understood your instructions to clean their room, chances are you will receive merely a "yes" or "no" answer. In an open-ended inquiry, your would ask instead, "What did I request of you to do...?" Asking open-ended questions evoke deeper thought from others and lead to better understanding and communication. Practicing this simple form of communicating can help you and others you interact with become successful conversationalist. So the next time you need to know something, ask the questions that will ensure that both you and the other party you are communicating with understand one another on a deeper, clearer level. Happy Thinking!

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