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In remembering some suggestions from my teachers and professors, I thought I might submit the following, as it is my desire that my students get the most out of their tutoring experience. I believe that teachers and tutors provide a service that is beyond price, and I believe that it is a worthwhile investment on the part of the student, I think there is also a way to maximize what is obtained. Here are my suggestions for getting the most from your tutoring experience: 1. If you find yourself completely overwhelmed by work and other commitments, think of reducing some of your load before seeking a tutor. Make sure you have time to spend with family, doing work things, working out, enjoying entertainment, and all, so that studies don’t take over your life. Plus, if stress is only going to serve to cloud your focus on your studies, you’ll just be wasting your money to hire a tutor. 2. If you find the subject to be especially difficult, often, you can audit... read more

Hi, to my students and families! I've been having car trouble, as you probably know. I'm taking my car in, today, and there will be spotty internet/phone service and I don't think they have Wi-Fi there. I will be back to it, as soon as I can! Thank you for your patience. Regina G.

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