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I recommend Lumosity to help get a better grasp on basic arithmetic. Lumosity ( has 4 free games to help you get better in vocabulary, arithmetic, and memory skills (great for helping boost your ability to study!). Now I have to put out a disclaimer, these games are not a substitute for knowledge, a tutor may still be necessary to understand the context of whatever you need help in, but I bet you these games will sure make learning and practicing a lot more exciting and challenging. Among the free games here are some suggested uses: Need help in memory and focus? Need to be able to read dense texts and memorize large amounts of complex information? Try Lost in Migration and Memory Matrix! - Lost in Migrations asks you to memorize directions of one bird in the middle of a pack and repeat the patterns as you see them to help improve your basic memory. - Memory Matrix is much harder but will help train your brain to better integrate large amounts... read more

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