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The School Newspaper. A forgotten relic that was once part of every high school across America is making a comeback. At Clissold Elementary School in Morgan Park/Beverly, Chicago, my colleague and I (but mostly the students), had the opportunity to begin the process of writing, editing, publishing and distributing a bi-fold,weekly, 6-12 page student newspaper. The students were given 'beats' to cover; city news, local happenings, sports, politics, school issues, world news, restaurant reviews, movie reviews and 'dear abby' columns. The actual writing and editing was coupled with an after-school Journalism Club. It was here that we taught the history, basic components, skills, etc., of the art of writing for newspapers. The support of our principal was key. I will never forget her kindness and encouragement. The enthusiasm of the students was overwhelming. The fact that I had a dedicated, creative, intelligent, partner was essential as well. Together we assisted the student with... read more

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