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Hi everyone,   I hope all is well. Recently, I realized I am able to tutor full time. It is my hope to do so, but I need to start marketing. Sadly, just having a MA in Teaching and near completion of a MA in English will not suffice. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.   Thank you!

Hi Everyone! I am excited to to say that I met my first student. He was awesome! One thing I will do to help improve the lessons is to use the ideas in "Comprehension Going Forward: Where We Are and What's Next" which has one of my favorite authors in it. I hope that her ideas improve my ability to be effect. Also, I want to say that my student's family is so nice. I was honored to be accepted into their presence.

Dear writers and readers: I sincerely want to apologize to every one of you. Remember when you were told to read a lot of material you are not interested in? Could it be Shakespeare? What about writing? Have you been forced to many times to write formally? Okay! I have been through the very same thing. For this reason, I would like to make a challenge for all students at this point: Find a multi-song video on YouTube. It can be what ever you want. After listening to for a while, write what ever comes to mind. Just keep writing. Don't try to correct anything at all. Do this for a straight one to two minutes. Really just go at it. Whatever comes to mind. Do you need to listen again to the song? Sure... do that as many times as you want. Just keep writing the whole time. After you are done, set to the side and do something you like. Heck, I am watching "Where the Wild Things Are" tonight! Just enjoy yourself. After get back to your personal area, look at the... read more

Hi everyone! The concept of the Reflective Essay is one my favorite topics in lieu of classical literature. For this reason, I would like to offer everyone, through WyzAnt, lessons on the method of the Reflective Essay. This is also a great way of assisting students showing them fun ways of addressing issues they witness in the world. If you would like more information let me know. Take care :)

Hi everyone! I was inducted to the University of Central Florida's chapter of the Golden Key on August 23, 2012. For this reason, I proudly stand with the top 15% of students in the world. It is my hope to use this as an edifying event for all students who desire to achieve high standards.

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