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Succinctly, relax first then review the material in a learner-friendly environment. In other words, create a comfortable relaxed atmosphere for yourself. Eliminate distractions like television, telephone calls, and external disturbances like unexpected visitors and unrelated stimuli. Ear protection like earplugs and noiseless headphones reduce unwanted noises which can adversely affect cognition. Most importantly, R-E-L-A-X and take frequent short breaks. Best practices lean toward establishment of a regimen for one 10-15 minute break every 45-90 minutes. The aforementioned must be gauged within one's personal limitations as well as test preparation timeline. If one needs to adjust it to every 30-60 minutes; then do so. Freedom to differentiate in order to reap maximum gain is edified by pragmatism, aka trial and error, in order to find the best fit. Do not wait until the last minute to begin preparations for the exam. If possible and feasible, complete a pre-test and critique your... read more

Students have plenty of daily education-related assignments. Despite that, learners who struggle to retain grade-level proficiency need additional reinforcement; such as homework. The key is to differentiate teaching style and extra-curricular lesson format in order to allow better retention and transference. Constructivism builds on the strongest synaptic vessels in the brain. In other words, it utilizes already learned concepts earmarked by routine cerebral function; i.e. synapses. The most commonly used brain cells build the best relationship with each other in order to orchestrate and sustain optimal bodily enactment. Once routine is established through repetition and conceptual application aka transference; new information is more easily integrated into the process. The result is learning. Suffice it to say, high-end learning involves individual initiative which is inculcated as part of students' primacy principled behavioral foundation. Therefore, homework in some form is always... read more

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