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I'm currently student teaching at a high school in Chicago, which is why I cannot take new students for a while. For those of you unfamiliar with student teaching, it's a ten week bootcamp for beginning teachers. You take over a current teacher's full classload and teach as a fulltime teacher, with all the responsibilities that come with it such as attending meetings and meeting parents, all the while being supervised both by the current teacher and a state-mandated supervisor.   What's been especially tough for me is two areas. First is lesson planning. In my tutoring sessions I always spend looots of time trying to think of the best lesson apt for that student. Then I implement it and see if it works. But because everything is one on one, I get feedback easily. Not in a class of 35. Not only do you have to teach a lesson to 35 individuals, you need to master the dynamics of class management, something that is not easy because it always changes with each class. No two... read more

How many of us out there took a couple of years of French or Spanish in high school, and don`t remember anything except how to sing 1-10 in Spanish, or Allouette in French? One year of foreign language at a college level, and you`ll be at least be able to buy groceries from the street. So, why don`t we teach our children foreign language in foreign language class? My sister took 8 years of French during elementary school, all from K-8. Guess how well she speaks French now? Yup - elementary level. What a shame, because children are like sponges - they can become fluent in so little time. Ten years ago my two Korean cousins came over from Korea when they were 9 and 7, respectively. They couldn't speak English, so I used my embarrassingly broken Korean to speak to them. I didn't meet them again until one year later, and they had become native-speaker fluent in English. Imagine my shock - its like waking up and being able to talk to your dog. Foreign language, especially in elementary... read more

Hello, everyone! My name is Clara. To tell you a bit about myself, I am Korean American. In college I discovered the wonderful world of Japanese culture and literature, so I made it my goal to become fluent in Japanese. It has been more than ten years since (time passes fast) but I have lived in Tokyo for more than 8 years, and worked in the banking industry as a translator for over 7 years. Currently, I continue to do translation work at a major Japanese bank branch in the downtown Chicago area. At the same time I am planning to change careers to secondary education, so I go to graduate school classes at night. For those of you looking for tutors, whether you be a complete beginner or advanced level, I want to work with you to make sure your goals come true. Do you plan to go to Japan? Or want to be able to speak it fluently? In accordance with your wishes I will create/plan/change lessons, so please feel free to tell me anything.

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