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If someone hasn't been exposed to the sounds of a foreign language during their early childhood, it will be difficult for that person to accurately hear and produce those sounds later in life. Difficult but not impossible. That's why ESL students need practice listening to specific sounds that don't exist in their native languages. If they listen to entire conversations, they probably won't be... read more


For intermediate level conversation students, I like to use the book "Easy True Stories." It has a sequence of pictures that tell the story and a brief written prose to describe the pictures. I read it with my student and point at the pictures. We lay out any vocabulary that may be new. Then I have my student tell me the story using only the pictures. I write down what s/he says and... read more


Think about who you are writing the letter to and what that person needs or wants to hear.  Then pretend you are telling the person what he needs to hear in the kindest way you can state it.  Say it aloud and record yourself.  Then type it up as you play back the recording. ...