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Hello Everybody! Last week I went to a Common Core Standards workshop and got a better grasp on how Math classes across the country are going to be changing next school year. I went to a workshop held by Vacaville Unified School District that was intended for any teacher who teaches Math from 6th to 8th grade to attend. Starting in the 13-14 school year all schools in the nation will be following the recently purposed Common Core Standards. These standards will focus more on explanation and reasoning over the actual correct answer. For example, explaining why x=5 is more important than the actual answer that x=5. So what does this all mean? From what I have gathered, teaching styles will change dramatically starting next year. Students will have a major adjustment to make and it will probably take a couple years to get use to. THE GOOD NEWS: our students will have a better future in the long run and will receive better teaching because of these new standards. Standardized testing... read more

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