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For most students, Math and English don't mix as well as I would like it to. Most students I have only study SAT math, because they do well in English. I stated earlier, math is another language we need to learn. If I were to make an english-to-math dictionary, this is what I would include: "is" or "if" means "equals" "and" or "sum" or "more" means "addition" "difference" or "change" or "less" means "subtraction" "product" or "each" means "multiplication" "quotient" or "ratio" or "fraction" means "division" "per" or "for every" links items in ratios... 3 books per student = 3 books/1student = 3 books for every student. You can multiply the number of students to get the total number of books. For 3 students, the total is (3 books/1student)*3... read more

Hi prospective students/parents! If you've gotten here, you are probably looking at my profile wondering, "Should I hire her?" "What is this tutor like?" I have here, testimonials from my past students (from my other tutoring website): From Calculus to multiplication tables... and my favorite subject is SAT math. "Thank you Melinda. She said you were amazing. Thank you for your patience with our delay. Lets stay in touch. Carmen" Sonia R. Melinda is very thorough and knowledgeable. She wants to make sure the material is understood and will go out of her way to help. Zoey M. What sets Melinda apart from other tutors I've had in the past is that not only is she very smart, she is great at communicating and teaching how to solve problems utilizing different methods. She is always on time for the sessions (you actually get the full time you pay for, surprise!), provides valuable feedback and is so professional. Not to mention,... read more

Math, to some, can be another foreign language. But, like music, it can be universal and taught to anyone. You don't expect to learn a language overnight, but math follows a certain logic that is easier to learn for some. So don't be discouraged if at first you feel lost in "math land."

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